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Why Robinsons Condo (Robinsons Communities)?

The Robinsons Land Residential Buildings Division

The Robinsons Land Residential Buildings Division is a leading developer of mid to upscale condominiums primarily in Metro Manila. Started by building residential communities attached to shopping malls built by the Company, it has remained true to its commitment of delivering quality projects as per specifications and in a timely manner. RLC’s Residential Buildings division continued to build its brand and reputation across the country and the globe, earning the confidence of locals, overseas Filipinos, and foreigners who seek to invest in Philippine property.

In synergy with the other units of Robinsons Land Corporation — Hotels, Offices, and Malls — the Residential Buildings Division is the pioneer in building fully integrated mixed-use projects, which allow occupants to live, work, play, and shop in one setting. This innovation has significantly transformed the way of living in areas such as Pasig, Mandaluyong, and Manila.

Every new foray reinforces the company’s efforts to provide unlimited lifestyle options for today’s city dwellers as well as retirees from overseas.

The Residential Buildings Division prides itself not only in building landmarks that have now come to define the modern skyline, but also in fulfilling the dreams of individuals and families who have placed their trust in the Robinsons Land name


Robinsons Communties is One (1) of the Four (4) Residential Brand Name of Robinsons Land Corporation a Member of JG Summit Holdings Incorporation (Mr. John Gokongwei – Owner/Founder). Here in Communities Brand We offer Affordable but in Reasonable price of residential Condominium including the Premier Residential lot in different key Provinces in the Philippines.

We have Pre-selling and Ready for Occupancy (RFO) Units, from Low-rise to Hi-rise Building, up to seventy percent (70%) open space for green living to enjoy luxurious & Green amenities, Safe from Fire, Earthquake, no worries on power block-out, Culprits and other Crimes that we are affraid of.

Pre-selling is one of the unique selling propositions Condo Pilipinas offer. You might be wondering what exactly pre-selling is. It is basically when a property developer sells real estate property that is yet to be built. All design plans for a certain project such as the site plan, floor plans, unit plans and the like are all made ready and available when a property developer launches a project for pre-selling. Most other countries, the US in particular, do not allow ‘pre-selling’ of properties to avoid instances wherein the property developer would not deliver on the real estate property they sold. In the Philippines, however, all the reputable property developers most usually get into a pre-selling phase for each of their projects. In this way, they would not be too affected by the high ‘cost of money’ in the Philippines. This high cost of money is caused by relatively higher interest rates in the country which would be about 9-11%, while in the US it would only be usually about 6-8%.

Condo Pilipinas that are under pre-selling provide a great investment opportunity since they go for much affordable than RFO (ready-for-occupancy) properties. Condos in the Philippines typically appreciate in value every quarter and by the time units are already RFO, their values will have already increased significantly. It is not unlikely that the increase would be as much as 100%.

There is, of course, an element of risk involved when purchasing properties under pre-selling. Always make sure to only get into these types of transactions when you are dealing with a property developer that already has a proven credibility (like Robinsons Land.) and in effect, will have much to lose in terms of their reputation. It would also be wiser of you if you choose to deal with a property developer that already has projects delivered that were under pre-selling. Dealing with the big names of Philippine property development should make you secure enough to expect that your pre-purchased properties will be delivered. These real estate development companies that have already made a name for themselves in the industry will not risk losing their hard-earned credibility or else they would be losing future business and profits and would most likely end up down and out.

Aside from not receiving the property you purchased (applicable only when you deal with property developers that are new players in the real estate industry), there is also a risk of having the property not delivered on time. This is understandable as there may be unavoidable circumstances or events that lead to delays and it is best to expect this. However, there are also times when the pre-purchased properties are actually delivered well before the expected turnover dates.

Lastly, there is also the chance of not having the condo delivered as you might have expected. The unit you pre-purchased might have come out smaller or bigger in terms of floor area or it might have been delivered with some differences from the design you had been presented that you do not like. With regards to the unit’s size, most usually if the deviation from the floor area you had pre-purchased is significant, the price of the unit is adjusted. You may end up getting refunds or having to pay more for the unit. With regards to the deviation from the design that you had agreed to, you may choose to have it changed at the property developer’s expense if this is before you had signed the turnover form (as is the procedure in Robinsons Land.)

Given all these things to consider about pre-selling of Condo Pilipinas, you would see that though there may be risks involved, these are still greatly viable investment options. In the Philippines, pre-purchased condos from big property developers are almost as good as RFO condos since these big property developers have taken steps to greatly minimize the risks for their clients. Condo Pilipinas and the fact that they are made available for pre-selling provides a great investment opportunity that is best taken advantage of!

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