Robinsons Condo Client Testimonials


Here are the list of some Investors Trusted me.

Name of Project       Investor               Location                      Work

The Pearl Place                 Ricky                      Makati                  Employee SMC

Woodsville Mansions         Arnold                     Australia               AusCitizen/Employee

The Pearl Place                 Chris                       Bulacan                Employee Emerson

Escalades at 20th ave       Jose                        Taytay                  Base in Norway/Seaman

The Pearl Place                 Ria                          Taytay                 Employee Maerks

The Pearl Place                 Tere                        Cainta                  Realtor Tycoon

Woodsville Mansions         Leony                      Hongkong              HK Citizen/Employee

Note: For privacy purposes we made a shortlist of Investors & nickname appears only to protect our Investors Interest.

They all says:

Thank you Mike for doing your job/services very detailed & specific from reserving the unit & after sales documentation and some special request from your good office.  We do not have any regrets of choosing you as our Account Manager for our INVESTMENT.

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